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Send your loved ones a happy birthday flowers with Barefoot Florist’s flower collections for the best birthday surprise ever!

Sending flowers is the best thing to gift a birthday celebrant, much more if you can’t make it to personally visit the birthday celebrant. Our flowers are delivered on time and with freshness guarantee. The doorbell rings and the celebrant is presented with a colorful birthday bouquet: the surprise is perfect! Birthday flowers selected with love, always arrive well. If you are still unsure which flowers are suitable for your birthday, here is a small decision-making aid:

  • For Mothers, Mothers-in-law and Grandma

Red, yellow or pink? If you know the favorite color of the birthday girl you can’t go wrong with a beautiful single color bouquet. Those who are uncertain about their mother-in-law’s favorite are on the save side with a mixed, pastel-colored arrangement. Colored lilies are also popular as they symbolize respect, elegance and beauty. They are available in many colors and with their clear optics they enhance every mixed bouquet.

  • For Best Friends and Sweethearts

For the best friend, almost everyone is instinctively right with their selection of birthday flowers. Anyone who has experienced a lot together knows what matters: colorful and happy or rather modern and stylish. When romantic love is involved, roses are not the only messengers of love. The carnation is also considered a love symbol. Especially pink and red carnations stand for eternal love. Tulips affirm the deep love in a life community.

  • For Neighbors, Colleagues and Bosses

In this case more intuition is needed when choosing the right birthday flowers. Special preferences and favorite colors are mostly unknown. A bright bouquet of seasonal flowers is always a good choice. Here it is better to do without pure rose or lily bouquets. They send out specific messages.

  • For Men

Of course, men are also very happy when they receive flowers for a birthday! Maybe not every man, but if it is the father, brother, husband or friend, you will know if it fits. For example, anthuriums, gerberas, sunflowers and roses are popular with men. Straightforward and simple arrangements, single flowers combined with twigs are better than pastel-colored, thick bouquets.

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